Chinese characters: Guang Ping Yang Tai Ji

Learning Taiji with the Club

For those new to Taiji, we recommend starting with a 4-week Introductory course. This is a beginners-only class, which can make learning easier for those who may feel apprehensive about learning something new.

The Introductory course covers basic information on the nature of Taiji, the clothes and shoes suitable for taiji, instruction in the fundamentals of the practice, and beginning to learn the taiji form itself. By the end of the four weeks, a new student will have met some of our club officers, teachers, and teaching assistants, will be familiar with the structure of our classes, and will be ready to participate in our ongoing, regular classes. 

Introductory courses are offered two to three times per year, and you may email us to be notified when the next class has been scheduled. Please note that these classes are held during the day on a weekday, so if this does not work for you, you will need to continue reading about our second way of starting.

The course costs $30 and includes membership in the club for one month after the course ends. If a student wishes to continue membership, the $30 is applied toward the annual membership fee for the remainder of the club fiscal year (September-August).

The other way to learn taiji, without taking the introduction class, is to attend regular classes as an Auxiliary Member. Before attending your first class, we ask that you watch an introductory video that provides some background information on taiji, explains how the club works, and suggests what kind of clothing and shoes are suitable for taiji practice. At each class, beginners receive individual instruction from either the class instructor or one of the club's many advanced members serving as teaching assistants. While this method has worked for many new students, some may feel more comfortable being introduced to taiji in a room full of other beginners. That's why we offer the introductory course option.

Auxiliary Membership costs $20 for the first month. If you become a regular member, the $20 will be applied toward the annual membership fee for the remainder of the club's fiscal year (September-August).

To become an Auxiliary Member, email treasurer for the application and payment link. Once we receive your dues, we'll send you the introductory video link and a list of classes with space for a new student.

You're welcome to start studying with us via either route. If you have any questions, please email Jen Kano at