Chinese characters: Guang Ping Yang Tai Ji

Tai Ji Links

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association
The national association governing our Guang Ping form of tai ji. They put out a nice newsletter quarterly and host a weekend long conference annually.
Wen Wu School of Martial Arts
Master Y.C. Chiang's School in El Cerrito, CA.
Century Martial Arts
They don't have very much specifically for taiji, bu they do carry a stunning walnut practice sword. The link goes directly to the sword.
Word Tai Chi and Qigong Day
Official site for World Tai Chi Day which we participate in as a club every year. The event was founded by a Guang Ping practitioner. The web site is a wealth of information on all things tai chi.
Shift with Lucy Bartimole
Lucy teaches Guang Ping Taiji and Qigong. She is located in Ohio but online classes are available. Lucy was the guest speaker at our Chinese New Year celebration via Zoom in 2022.
David Chousid's Yulong Tai Chi Quan
David is a Guang Ping Taiji and Qigong teacher in Dartmouth and Fall River. He is currently the president of the Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association (national). David frequently participates in our club's special events and teaches at our annual immersion
Sifu Dug's Internal Martial Arts
Dug Corpolongo's web site. He teaches primarily in New Mexico but visits the Cape regularly and has run some wonderful workshops for our club.
Salazar Acupuncture
Dr. Deborah Salazar offers Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and herbal medicine in West Barnstable, MA.
Qigong with Margie Mitchell
Margie Mitchell runs qigong classes in several locations in Falmouth and Mashpee.