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Tai Ji During Covid: Letters from Clif and Judy

by Clif Genge (June 16, 2020)

June 15, 2020

This week Skee Houghton sent us a connection to an excellent article that reports: 

Data from 15 studies linked tai chi to better quality of life and reduced mental distress and depression among adults with heart disease, heart failure and high blood pressure. 

Just control click on the title below and you can link to the full article  

Studies suggest tai chi may benefit heart patients

We continue to share the health benefits and pleasure of our outside Tai Ji practices and our Zoom sessions.  If you haven’t joined a group or two give it a try!

Some days are warm, some days are cool, some are just right and all are fun.

  Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

Xie Xie

June 2, 2020

With some members attending in several places after a little over a week of outside practice we totaled over 100 participants.  If they attended several times or only once all had great fun.  It has been tremendous to share the open air, the joy of being together and the wonderful gifts of taiji.  As we make adjustments and future plans for our club perhaps we can make our “new normal better” by more sharing of the pleasures we all enjoy.  Tell your friends in the club and invite others to join us and experience the fun we are having.  As we share with the community the lessons we learn and gifts we receive from our club, all of us will be able to better cope with the challenges encountered during these critical times.

We can all share the many, big hugs later!

(the hugs are adding up exponentially!)


Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

Xie Xie

May 26, 2020

We have completed our first 4 days of outside practices and everyone has been delighted!  As we move into another week we are beginning to get suggestions for changes and improvements as well as thoughts for the time when we get to the “New Normal”.  We will work on making our outside practices better for the “short time” when we have to be outside wearing masks.  While we are meeting together “incognito” we thought that we should be thinking about what we want our new normal to be.  There will be things that we must accept, but as long as we have to change what about the improvements you are thinking about.  Instead of a new normal let us work on a “Better Normal”.  

Now we don’t think the new tan lines we are developing have should be part of our better normal,  but what do you think we should be doing to develop and add improvements. What will create an organization that even surpasses the one we know and love?  How can we make our life in taiji even more enjoyable and healthier so everyone who joins the group will receive the gifts we share?


May 18, 2020

We all have said or heard, “I never thought we would ever have anything like this here in America”.  But here it is and I think that our group is certainly “Accepting The Challenges” that have come.  Since the restrictions have been in place we have found ways to follow the rules but continue do practice.  We have photos of kitchen taiji, living room taiji, attic taiji back yard taiji and many more.  We have used our creativity and ingenuity to continue doing an activity we can all do alone together.  Many of us never even heard of Zoom a few weeks ago but here we are sharing the experience and learning through our mistakes.  

All of us experiencing the many benefits and pure joy of sharing Guang Ping Tai Ji Quan separate but together.


This week we hope to have a schedule for outside practice and will continue the Wednesday 4:00 Zoom sessions. This week Geoff is leading the session.

Mashpee Tai Chi for Healthy Aging group Wednesday is suspended for a while.

David Chosid continues to share his Tai Chi & Qigong classes.

Links are the same but if you need one contact Clif or Dianne.

We can all share the many, big hugs later!

 Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

May 5, 2020

Some are warm and some a little cool but we are delighted that the beautiful days are becoming more and more frequent.  On the other hand we all are getting the urge to go outside and do our tai chi together.  A few have made a personal choice to get together in groups of 3 and 4 at even more than the proper distance and wearing masks.  They report that it is great fun but you really have to resist all the joyful hugs that have been accumulating.  At our Zoom Board meeting Monday we decided to look into the potential for starting some outdoor sessions on good days.  More to come SOON. 

In the interim we are having another Zoom session Wednesday at 4:00 PM.  Dianne sent out the linking information and Jen is leading this one.  Also, David Chosid continues to share his Tai Chi & Qigong classes.

If you need the link about either activity contact Clif or Dianne.  

Until the time we can resume our practices together we need to carry on with our exercise and performing the set. You could try the shorter warm-up exercise routine discussed at our Zoom meeting last week.  Dianne included it in the announcement sent out for this week’s meeting. While in the house some repetitive practice of one or two moves very slow and faster. And, if it is a beautiful day go outside and do the set. Remember how important it is to Connect with people you care about Call, Email, or Zoom. Really, try joining the Wednesday Zoom Meeting! Even if you are reluctant to try the intricacies of making the connection you will be absolutely thrilled to see the smiling faces of your tai chi friends!

April 27, 2020

Saturday was a Beautiful Cape day!

Many of us celebrated our World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day by doing our sets outside.  Some of you sent photos or messages about your Tai Chi activities.  A few reminded me that it is hard to take a photo when you are the only one in the area.  So during this time photos of your Tai Chi activities or comments you have made or would like to make we will put on the website or Face book.  

Send them to

For those who would like to refresh your memories by watching a set, Nancy & Tony sent a YouTube connection for Master Yun Chung Chiang in Taiwan in 1987.

The Club scheduled another Zoom session for Wednesday 4/29 at 4:00 PM.

The Mashpee Tai Chi for Healthy Aging group scheduled a Zoom session.  

Wednesday 4/29/2020 at 2:00 PM

David Chosid continues to share 5 Elements-Qigong via Zoom Tu. & Th. At 10 AM, AND, Yulong Tai Chi Chuan Practice Sunday, 11:30 AM. 

If you need the link about either activity contact Clif or Dianne.  


Have a Routine time and sequence.

Vary one or two moves you practice intensely – very slow & little faster.

Connect with people you care about – Call, Email, or Zoom – they can see your smile!

 We can all share the many, big hugs later!

 Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

April 20, 2020


In the last few weeks we have added a lot of things we never expected to 

do in our life time:

Never expected to go to the grocery store as if we were entering a mine field.

Never expected to think of a loving hug as a potential germ sharing assault.

Never thought we would be scrubbing our hands 30 or 40 times a day. (after age 5)

Never thought we would have conflicting Zoom Meetings scheduled.

Three weeks ago we didn’t know what a Zoom Meeting was!

What would you add?

Hope you are all staying well and safe! 

Remember the more time we spend doing Tai Ji the faster the hours pass and the closer we get to the time when we can get together in the same place.  

In the interim:

Our Zoom Social is set for Wednesday, April 22 at 10:00 AM.

David Chosid continues to share 5 Elements-Qigong via Zoom Tu. & Th. At 10 AM AND, Yulong Tai Chi Chuan Practice Sunday,11:30 AM.

If you need information about either activity and want to participate contact Clif or Dianne.

Jim Durkin sent me a YouTube connection for a heart-warming Tai Chi group.

 They can only do a few moves because of limited space but it:

Enriches daily lives   Reduces stress   Improves relationships

Builds fitness and immunity and Improves the Quality of life


Have a Routine – Add some Variety – Connect with people you care about  

 We can all share the many, big hugs later!

 Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

April 11, 2020

WOW!  Two great days of real sunshine this week!

David Chosid and the members of the Yulong School are sharing 

5 Elements-Qigong via Zoom!

Jen is getting set up for our Zoom Social get together!

We are thrilled every day to receive emails sharing your daily Tai Ji accomplishments!


While we would prefer to get together in a group we are having fun adapting, adjusting and finding ways to share our enthusiasm for Tai Ji.  

If you are getting a little bored try starting the set somewhere toward the middle.

After you do some of your warm-ups just pick a move, start from that point and see if you can do 3 or 4 sequential moves.  Then try from a difference place.  While you are moving your body, boosting your immune system and elevating your Helper T Cell count you may as well challenge your mind.  

As Paul said, â€œThe most important thing is to keep moving”


Routine – Pick the same time each day to do some part of your Tai Ji

Variety – Vary your routine enough so it you enjoy the challenge of a diverse practice

Connect – Email, Telephone, Social Media, Shout to your neighbor

 We can all share the many, big hugs later!

 Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

April 3, 2020

This week on Cape Cod was filled with lots of liquid sunshine.

Not too much opportunity to go outside and it was a little more difficult to gather up the motivation to do the stretches and a set.  It must be that we have 3 more weeks before we can get back to classes.  On the other hand we have almost completed 3 weeks and that means we are half way to the time when start getting back to normal.  Remember we didn’t live this long being wimps!

So, what is going to help stay on the Tai Ji path?

Routine helps get you going

            Pick a time of the day and do your Tai Ji at that time

            Do the same exercises and movements each time              

            Do as much of the set as you can at least one time

As you do the same exercise add a variation.  For example, when doing ‘Stop & Shop’ work on breathing, concentrate on keeping  your center of gravity correct over each leg and in the middle or vary the speed.  Or, when you do the Tai Ji walk take 10 steps forward using 1 of the 3 varieties you know and then 10 steps back.  How long did it take?

Pick 1 movement to do several times and critique yourself.  Vary the speed a couple of times then connect that 1 to 2 others 1 before &1 after.  

Contact with other people 

            Connect with other members of the club.

            Email, Telephone, Social Media, Semaphore

            You could visit a while, share stories, smile or even talk about Tai Ji 

  Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

March 27, 2020

What a beautiful day on Cape Cod! 

Hope you were able to get outside and do a set on the patio or lawn.  We were able to do one on our back deck in 64áµ’ sunshine. 

The second week has almost passed and instead of getting ready to assemble in our classes we are now faced with at least four more weeks of the same.  Well, we didn’t live this long being wimps.  When things get tough we buckle down and show the qualities that got us here in the first place.

We need to keep ‘movin & practicin’ and when we do get back together we will have time for a lot of hugs and a great set.

When you are inside:

Move the obstacles in the room!

Do a few warm-ups circle hips & waist, ‘Stop & Shop’ (slow side to side movement emphasizing center of gravity over 1 ft. center and other ft. with back straight) and tai ji walking.

Then do 3 or 4 moves slowly 3 times and then the same moves as fast as you can 1 time.

When you can go outside do more warm-ups and as much of the set as you know.

If you want to do more meditation Louise Sebra found free meditation on the internet.

Remember, Keep in contact with your relatives, friends and all your Tai Ji class mates.  Hugs from a socially acceptable distance.

Keep movin & practicin,

Clif & Judy

March 23, 2020

Again, we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to thank us for sending out our little notes! 

As we head into our second week without classes we would suggest that all of us send notes and messages to our friends in the Club.  If you need email addresses or telephone numbers let us know and we can send you a copy of the member list we handed out at Chinese New Year Dinner.

One other part of our Tai Ji life that we do at every class is meditation.  After doing a few exercises or movements at home we can spend some time meditating.  We can do it in one spot, standing or seated and it is all part of the benefits we receive from practicing Tai Ji.  Just think it reduces: stress, anxiety, respiration rate, blood pressure, depression, inflammation, heart rate, blood cortisol level and memory loss. At the same time it increases: feelings of well being, emotional help, the immune system function, blood circulation, relaxation, emotional health, self-awareness, attention span,  sleep quality and energy levels.

Remember, meditation is not taking a nap.

We have had people who have offered to run errands. So far no takers but let us know of you need some assistance.

Reminder that as difficult as it is, self isolation keeps us from getting or giving COVID-19.

Hugs from a socially acceptable distance.

Keep moving,

Clif & Judy

March 20, 2020

First, Thanks for all the well wishes we received in response to our first message!  

Well, made it through the first week.  Tuesday and Thursday the rain sure made practice outside difficult.  But, we were still able to do a few exercises and parts of the set while stepping over the dog and bumping into the couch.  

Just a reminder we can do circle hips, circle waist and “stop & shop” standing in one place and later throwing in a few minutes of taiji walk is much better than sitting and moldering. 

Then if we practice 3 moves in sequence our bodies will appreciate it and we will feel better that we did!

A couple of people have offered to run errands for any of you who are having difficulties or are concerned about going out.  If you will get back to us, we will pass your requests on to them.  And, if anyone else would like to volunteer let us know and we will add you to the list to receive requests.

Some others have asked about getting together outside for some practice.  While it will be possible in the future I believe we should be practicing individually at home for now.  No one wants to contract or pass on coronavirus.

Practice in our yard or living room may not be ideal but it will be better than contracting and/or passing on COVID-19. 

Think of all the hugs we can save up for our first normal class!  

Will we even have time for Taiji? 

Keep moving,

Clif & Judy

Hi Everyone,
This is only the first day and you couldn't be having Tai Ji withdrawal symptoms.  After all you have missed a practice occasionally and you didn't feel anxious.
Remember science has proven that practicing tai ji boosts immune system function and elevates Helper T Cell count.  So for your health, to keep you calm and peaceful and to enhance your feeling of well-being spend a little time today doing Tai Ji.
KEEP PRACTICIN.................even just a little ..............

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